Puyo Pop Fever

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Platform: Nintendo DS
Media: Cartridge
Release Date:
Publisher: Atlus
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Blow my head off so I can not hear! ><
Written By: isisawife
Staff Review
Added: 04/10/2007
Last Modified: 04/11/2007

Puyo pop is a fun puzzle game. Like most puzzle game you got to get 4 puyo's to pop and then they go on the other person screen and yeah, yeah, yeah you know how that is. There are 3 different modes you can play, single puyo pop, everybody puyo pop, endless puyo pop. Single puyo pop is you vs the computer. With the main character Amitie who has a mushroom with wings for a cool hat, if you want to call it that. You can also play the computer with Amitie, or you can do free battle where you can pick the character you want and go up against the computer. One cool thing you can also pick who the computer plays with and pick both player's difficulty levels. Everybody puyo pop is just what it says, you can play with a friend or a crazy person with a DS walking down the street. You could play anyone you want to just as long as they have a DS and they are within range of your DS. Endless puyo pop is different, little stages where is just pop them cute little puyos.

All and all it's a very fun game, the only down side is that peace and love talk going on or should I say the hippy talk with sayings like "winked". Or you got the gay or in the closet Oshare Bones who say's great things like "talk to the hand", "I hit you", "you dress bad" he is one that got me itching my head. Then you got Rider who is the cute cuties that is always finds it hard to be live as she says it "I lost" cry. With all the crazy saying you don't know if you should sit and laugh your head off at the stupid fairy bone head guy or cut your ears off and flush them down the toilet. Turning the games volume down might be a good idea too. I would say If you like puzzle games this would be a great game to go out and buy even with the rather shoot yourself in the ears so you can't hear the winked talk going on. So go get this game right now!!!!

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