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Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2005-11-17
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Neversoft Entertainment
Original MSRP: 59.99
Rarity: ?
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
Average Rating:

A western you have to play.
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 02/16/2006
Last Modified: 02/16/2006

Gun is a fast pace western shooter that embraces the stereotype of the wild west. For my money I don't know any other cowboy game that is this good. To start the game you and your "father" Ned are out hunting big game to earn a living, don't worry this is just a tutorial and not the game. You both board a boat that Ned says is gonna make you rich. A lot of things on this ship are out of place, Ned running off to talk to some lady without you hearing, the appearence of a dark reverand who is far from a holy man. You trail the reverand and witness him murder that lady Ned was talking to, over trying to find some "object". Then the preverbial "Shit hits the fan" the boat is under attack by the reverands cohorts and they are killing everyone. You and Ned have to repel the invaders and attempt to keep them from killing everyone on board. In the most desprate moment Ned finally tells you, he's not your father and gives you a trinket and instructions to go find your past and throws you from the ship so you will be safe. No one on board survives, except you. The game has you go and uncover your true origin and puts you up against the very people responsible for Ned's death. Go get your revenge.

The gameplay is a lot of fun it's a mix of third person and first person action. Generally in the quick action you are more likely to use third person to shoot multiple targets fast, but in a slower action you can switch to a gun sight first person view to accurately hit your targets. One of the great things about the game is a quick draw mode that slows down time and allows you to cycle through targets with the thumbstick. Messing with time perspective is definitly not new to video games but the use of it in this game is brilliant and not just something to include cause it's cool. Aside from just running through the story you can take time to handle little tasks like find outlaws, or restore order to town for money, and go anywhere in between story points. Such as grabbing a horse and riding out to the mountains to mine some gold, go bet on a game of cards, or buy weapon upgrades at the shopkeeper. The game makes me think of how well a Wild West themed MMORPG would do if developers can define a good model/system for real time First person shooter style action that's not turn based and includes hit zones instead of dice rolls.

This game is a lot of fun and worth the time and money.

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