Earth Defense Force 2017

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Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2007-03-20
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Sandlot
Original MSRP: 39.99
Rarity: ?
Animated Blood, Violence, Mild Language
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Better then sex
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 03/23/2007
Last Modified: 03/23/2007

When I saw this game in the lists of soon to be released I was interested. Then when I saw the trailer for it I knew one of two things about this game. It was either going to be a really fun sleeper hit or a really bad game. Either way I knew it was a release day must have to find out. I got my hands on a copy at Wal-Mart on release day. The first thing that went right for the game was the price. $39.99 for a game automatically improves it?s chances. The higher the price the more I expect out of it. I took it home and initially I wasn?t impressed. The menus and such seemed like they needed some polish, but once I got out of the game and got a couple levels under my belt I really liked this game. The story is something along the line of human race decodes a cryptic message in deep space and discovers we are not alone and sets up a special task force to combat the aliens if they are infact hostile. The aliens arrive 4 years later. Before you begin a mission you have to select 2 weapons from your available weapons list, initially you only have a machine gun and stinger missiles, but pick up others in the levels to use later. You have unlimited reloads, but you only get those weapons through the mission so you have to carefully consider your choice before based off the text of the mission. On the first mission you are there when the mother ship arrives and waiting to know if it?s hostile or not. You receive word that another squad makes contact with the alien life forms and they are hostile. You run to meet up with them and as you get to their location you are swarmed by tons of giant ants, the aliens, crawling all over the buildings killing people and such.

I can?t stress how much fun this game is. If you are a Run and Gun fan you will enjoy it. I can say it needs some polish and had this been a larger budget game I would have expected more. For instance the menu system needs work, the character movement is a little stiff, etc all and all it?s well done. As you progress through the level the game gets more and more difficult. You start off fighting the ant, then the ants start spitting acid, next the sky is filled with alien fighter crafts coming out of the mothership attacking your teams, then they drop giant sky scrapper sized robots with laser beams and stuff. Another really great feature is the fully destructible environment. You hit a building with a rocket and it blows up. Or you are running from some ants and a fence is in the way you shoot it with you shot gun and it falls down. This game is a sleeper hit in my opinion and something definitely worth the price.

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