Bullet Witch

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Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD
Release Date:
Publisher: Atari
Original MSRP: 49.99
Rarity: ?
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Russian Roulette Anyone?
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 03/17/2007
Last Modified: 03/17/2007

I was warned? First from Jonniethm? Second from the dude who sold me the game? ?you sure you want this game?? I replied? ?Yeah I know, I heard it?s a bad game, but I?m sure I have played worse.? That is very true. This game certainly isn?t any thing special, but I can?t say its food for Pukatron either. The story has something to do with end of days, viruses making crazy military demon like things out of people, and most every one is dead. You?re a witch who carries a big gun with spikes on it fighting to save the remaining people. You have witch like powers such as pushing objects, calling down lightning, forming ancient walls as shields, and such. That?s the story? it?s mediocre. I started my experience fighting three guys who shot me up over and over until I got the hang of the controls, cause they just don?t feel right. However after a little patience and determination I got the hang of the controls and the aiming and I was off and running. I think most people would probably stop right there, and I can?t blame them. Most of this game is just about shooting at targets while moving around so you don?t get hurt to bad. However there are some things you have to do and find like killing off these floating walnut head humming guys to open up areas that they are creating barriers around. But most of the game is mindless killing with no real challenge or game to it. As you make it through the levels you get skill points you can assign to your witch to power her up. While playing this I thought to myself, ?If only this game was better executed I might really get into this game?? I think the concept is pretty good overall but they just needed to really work it out a lot more and put their hearts into the game? As many know this is an Atari game and they unfortunately have been going down the tubes lately financially and with games like this I can understand it.. They should have rolled the money into a game like Earthworm Jim, and back burner this idea until they had the resources to do it right? So what do I say about it? I think you will find more entertainment in playing Russian roulette with an Automatic pistol then playing this game to the end.

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