Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

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Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2006-11-24
Publisher: UbiSoft
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Terrorist Killer stopped by glitch
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 04/08/2007
Last Modified: 04/08/2007

Rainbow Six Vegas is a lot of fun. It takes a little bit to get use to the controls but once you get the hang of it you will have a hard time putting it down. Unfortunately the developers left in a little glitch that has forced me to put it down and I don?t feel like back tracking to get past it. In the Dante?s Theater mission I make it to the data hub and successfully hack it then get told to get on the catwalk the ladder is nearby. I look but don?t see one. So I back track some thinking there is a service tunnel I missed. I end up going down the steps to you first come in and on and go? ehhh I?m here might as well reload my ammo before I check the stage again. So I get my ammo. On my way back to the stage the enemies have respawned so I have to fight my way back and die in the process. Now I have to redo the board? okay it?s a pain but I set out to. I make it to the data hub and aim at it and no ?team ?Hack Data Hub?? appears like before.. I can?t hack it and I can?t move on. So I restart a couple times to see if it?s a temporary glitch. Still can?t. So I eventually go Scene Selection and start the whole scene over thinking it will work this time? Still doesn?t the game thinks I have already hacked the data hub but requires it as an objective. Kinda weird eh.

The lesson learned here is in a free world like this the QA guys need to test everything like hitting old save points. And me I need to not hit the save points. Maybe someday I will finish the game. Aside from complaining about the glitch let me tell you about this game. You are a Special Ops member in a team called rainbow six. You first start out infiltrating some terrorists who in the process of you capturing the leader ambush you and you team mates, you are buried alive by a blast and your team mates are taken hostage. After digging yourself out you head out to get your friends back with only a pistol and only the bullets in the gun, unfortunately they have already left the area.

But that?s when the fun begins, you get called away for the search and are sent to Vegas were terrorists are taking over and wreaking havoc on the entire city taking control of the casinos and killing people. The story takes you through a lot of story and a lot of killing in a team based FPS style game. Save the city and save your friends, never leave a man behind? I really like this game aside from the glitch I think the game is well done and definitely had me more interested then previous Rainbow Six Games. I would buy this game if you like tactical shooters.

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