Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Platform: Playstation 2
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2004
Publisher: Rockstar
Original MSRP:
Rarity: ?
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Simulated Gambling, Strong Lyrics, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs, Use of Alcohol
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Another GTA hit
Written By: 2bit
Staff Review
Added: 01/16/2006
Last Modified: 01/16/2006

The Grand Theft Auto series has been around now for nearly 8 years and in that time they never failed to start controversy. When the first game was out I remember hearing about this horrible filthy game that was going to warp the mind of the youth. So I went out and purchased it and we drove around for hours killing and stealing cars that night (in game only people). It was a good release of stress and gave some high school kids something to do.
San Andreas came out after a lot of hype and waiting for some of us and was quite a thrill. Being a long time fan I have to say it was basically what I wanted the game to be, violence and stealing. You start off the game in the rather large area of Los Santos and have to do the bidding of several police officers. You can either hop right into the missions and work your way right through or do what I like to do and go explore. I spent about two hours driving around, shooting stuff, testing out what cars I could find and my favorite thing of all, sneaking into areas your not supposed to be in yet.
If you have played Vice City you may remember how you were not supposed to get across to the second island due to a hurricane. I found my way across and of course the police chase you down with all stars flashing and kill you. Same thing here, cross over run from the law and check out some sweet land marks in San Fierro which is a small swim and a car jack away.
The game has a lot of the old issues which plagued GTA III and Vice City. The characters faces are just a little off and block like. You can find some pixilated trees and other patterns if you try to look around. The A.I. has its moments where you want to yell as characters just do horrible stupid things like get stuck behind cop cars. How many of us are playing this because of the graphics on the characters or the A.I.? We probably just want to go shoot things up and cause mayhem.
The game play is about the same from the other PS2 GTA games with a few tweaks in the gun fighting system. The voice actors are good including the likes of Ice T, Samuel L. Jackson, David Cross and Chris Bellard. The driving sections of the game are about the same as before with some car mods you can really make your cars your own. The clothing options, tattoos, fighting styles to learn and weight control add new elements to the old concept adding life to the game. The story is the same as before, you have to clear your name and settle the score. This pissed off some people in the gaming community, a year after they had talked non-stop about the arrival of this game, saying GTA games are all the same. Well maybe they realized the niche for a game where you can raise a little hell and have no consequences while questing to right a wrong done to you. I just find the industry gets fickle if you read all the reviews; that is a rant for another place and time.
GTA:San Andreas provides what fans of the series want. You get a basic story line with cuts scenes to watch and people to kill. The option to do your own thing at your own pace with the freedom of an open ended title. Violence, blood, sex and driving fast cars. Like Vice City with the 80s soundtrack you can listen to the early 90's gangster rap and even some GNR. Oh yeah, about scandal, they pulled this from the shelves due to a hidden ability to unlock some real sex scenes in the XBOX release saying the title was actually AO, the first Adults Only release in the mainstream. This game has what the other GTA games did and adds several tweaks in it for you.

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