Sol Feace

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Platform: Sega CD
Media: CD
Release Date:
Publisher: Wolf Team / Sega
Original MSRP:
Average Rating:

Gradius with a story.. sort of
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 02/17/2007
Last Modified: 02/17/2007

I?m a fan of Gadius and this game is pretty close to the Gradius series. Horizontal side scroller with a ship destroying things flying at you a lot of them come in groups, pick up power up and maneuver around bullets. Yeah that Gadius. Anyway the only real difference between this and Gadius is genesis quality graphics, and a story. Something about humans being enslaved by machines and they form up a resistance but before they can strike the machines learn of their existence and decided humans are too dangerous to have around so the machines go on a genocide kick against humans (Battlestar Galatica anyone?) One Dr. cracks their security defense codes and does some damage that will keep the systems down for 300 hours so he sets out in the Sol-Feace to try and destroy the main entity on earth before the 300 hours is up. Overall the game play is pretty fun and better then more Sega CD Games. Graphics? ehhh? story? well definitely a rip off. It?s a fun diversion.

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