Midnight Raiders

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Platform: Sega CD
Media: CD
Release Date:
Publisher: Sega
Original MSRP:
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Joker couldn?t hit the broadside of a barn
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 02/17/2007
Last Modified: 02/17/2007

Midnight raiders is another of the full motion video games for the sega cd where you are a gunner ?joker? in an apache helicopter with striker as your pilot, you have to make it into a complex and rescue a biochemical scientist who was kidnapped and forced to make a chemical to end the world. The scientist was able to get a communication out to telling the government out and says ?you have to rescue me? Dude take one for the team and eat a bullet, or stop for a minute and realize your current standings.. your not helpless really when you are a chemical scientist, alone in a lab with chemicals??.. I think maybe make something to kill everyone in the factory?. That?s the problem with movie and game scientists.. They?re pussies. Sure your gonna die if you fight back, but if you don?t and they destroy the world, well you are gonna die anyway. I can understand the scientist who makes a deal with them and gets double crossed, cause at least he had something to gain but no one can force you to work if you are determined not to... As for the double crossed scientist? he wasn?t that smart always need to keep in mind your standings and know where you leverage is to prevent a double cross, or double cross them first. Especially with terrorists? business men terrorist, you just need to make sure you provide value down the road so you don?t get offed in a means of cutting costs.

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