Mad Dog McCree

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Platform: Sega CD
Media: CD
Release Date:
Publisher: American Laser Games
Original MSRP:
Rarity: ?
Average Rating:

Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 02/22/2007
Last Modified: 02/22/2007

You like John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood Flix and think ?gee why couldn?t I be a good gun fighter who eats nails and pee?s acid?? Well forget about that and drowning you sorrows in milk. Buy yourself a copy of Mad Dog McCree off ebay and get ready for the best wild west gun slinging adventure gaming has to offer. Yeah I played Gun and some of those other wild west games, but nothing has left a lasting impression on me like the Mad Dog McCree series. This game is packed with light gun and full motion video action. Mad Dog is the classic bad ass cowboy villain who you really don?t see until the end. You basically wander through the game selecting places in the town where you fight the henchmen via quick draws and the classic shoot them as they appear out of the background bit. I really love this game and remember playing it with my dad. It was one of the few games I could get my family members to play when I was young. The game was great in the arcade and just as good at home. These days if you want to get your hands on a copy you shouldn?t have any trouble, however once you start looking for the sequel you will have trouble as well the pink justifier that can be used in this game is pretty rare too. All in all I love this game and think it?s one of the few must have sega CD games.

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