Ground Zero Texas

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Platform: Sega CD
Media: CD
Release Date:
Publisher: Sony Imagesoft
Original MSRP:
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I thought everyone had guns in texas?
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 02/22/2007
Last Modified: 02/22/2007

ALIENS! It's ALIENS! again... Well nothing new in the concept, aliens impersonating the humans and trying to take over the world. Of all places they choose Texas to be their foothold on earth. If anything, Texas should have shown them why they didn?t want this world in their collection. After all the big belt buckles would have blinded their big eye and damn straight you know everyone is packing anyway. I mean that?s like leaving a small boy at a pedophile convention. Well anyway you are some military dude who?s the ?last hope? after the last ?last hope? was killed or something. You have to man a camera system and switch between 4 locations and shoot aliens with a stun gun basically, and watch the story slowly seep out of the crack and on to the floor where people can trample it like my soul while playing this game. What I don?t get is the stun gun stuff? I mean really there are a ton of way of taking care of powerful beings? first stun them, then use their weapons on them. Second nuke them. Third good old fashion beating? I mean sure their shields protects them from energy weapons and advanced shit like that but how about a good ole foot up the ass. Fourth Viruses? Whether from a weapon of mass destruction or a trampy prostitute looking to make some coin the immune system approach certainly killed many native Americans when the settler gave, them ?blankets? also know as small pox. Well you get the point there are a lot of ways to kick an aliens butt. So what?s up with the stunning? get a little GTA on their ass.

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