The Untouchables

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Platform: NES
Media: Cartridge
Release Date: 1991-01
Publisher: Ocean
Original MSRP:
Rarity: B-
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

An Early Time Crisis?
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 05/21/2007
Last Modified: 05/21/2007

I was quite shocked when I saw the untouchables for the first time this weekend. I found it at Play It Trade It in Columbus, Ohio and didn?t own so what else was there to do but snag it. The game is kind of rough cause early on you are shooting guys in windows in a pseudo 3D view, what reminds me of time crisis if you are behind a wall on the corner of a building and have to step out to shoot guys in windows, and duck back for cover and to reload your shotgun. I didn?t see to far into the game because going street to street in this fashion is pretty hard to beat. But looking at the back of the box looks like there is a lot more to come from it. I have to give the game props for its innovations and trying to think outside the box. Unfortunately it?s a little hard to aim fast enough with the controller as a crosshair and this game would have been better with light gun support, after all it is a movie game and which generally means it?s not the best games out there. I would check it out if you can land a copy cheaply; it definitely has some things in it you won?t see reemerge in gaming for a good 10 years after.

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