Super Mario Bros.

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Platform: NES
Media: Cartridge
Release Date: 1985-10
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Original MSRP:
Rarity: F
Average Rating:
2 rating(s)

Packaged Goodness
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 08/19/2006
Last Modified: 08/19/2006

Super Mario Bros. was the first of the platformer genre to catch the publics eye, sure there had been platformers since the Atari days but few had as much success as these pair of plumbers. A large part of the success can be attributed to the fact that the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was packaged with this game at the beginning. Regardless if they liked it most early gamers were exposed to this game. The game itself follows a simple recipe that has propelled the Mario franchise through out the year. Try to get to the end of the level, avoid some obstacles you can?t touch, or stomp most others to ?kill them.? Of course when I use the word kill in relationship to Mario I say it with all the flowers, candy and niceness one can possibly apply to the word. There is no blood, no real death just the removal of the monster from the screen and as an obstacle. Along the way you will pick up power ups with varied affects such as the mushroom that makes you grow, in the big Mario form you can smash blocks that little Mario could only hit, and more importantly you can take 1 hit without dying, you just go back to little Mario. Why do Mario and Lugi do these things, or what are their goals? Well the story goes something like King Koopa, this big turtle dinosaur thing, kidnapped the princess and you are trying to get her back. Sure the kidnapped princess thing is pretty common in video game story lines, but at the time period it was released it wasn?t that common.

Purchasing this game is the only option you have. It?s a command from a higher power that says ?Thou shall own a NES and playith Super Mario Bros. N00b? okay I made up the n00b part but the rest is true.

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