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Platform: NES
Media: Cartridge
Release Date: 1989-09
Publisher: SNK
Original MSRP:
Rarity: C
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Arcade Smash, Nintendo Crash
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 05/28/2007
Last Modified: 05/28/2007

POW was an awesome game in the arcades, and still is an awesome game on the Nintendo, except it only allows for 1 player. With Nintendo games they are generally more fun with a friend then on your own. Jace related a story of buying the game with his brother back in the day thinking how awesome the arcade game was and then coming home to find it wasn?t 2 player. Bah. The game is your typical punch kick, pick up a weapon side scroller. If you haven?t played it before I recommend giving it a look.

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