The Krion Conquest

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Platform: NES
Media: Cartridge
Release Date: 1991-01
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Original MSRP:
Rarity: B
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Mega Man in drag
Written By: Isisagate
Staff Review
Added: 05/28/2007
Last Modified: 05/28/2007

Krion Conquest is mega man plain and simple. Imagine if you took mega man decompiled it and changed out the maps, graphics, and sounds. Instead of Mega Man put in a witch who still runs and looks a little like mega man. Change out the robots in mega man with some other robots, and you got this game. Granted it?s a rip off, but the game is still good fun for the mega man fan thirsty for another game to play. Jace being the resident authority on Mega Man games says ?It?s fun but Mega Man still has it Beat? So if you are a lookin for another mega man check this one out it?s pretty fun.

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