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Platform: NES
Media: Cartridge
Release Date: 1989-09
Publisher: Nexoft
Original MSRP:
Rarity: B
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

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A long time ago in the faraway land, there lived a lovely young princess named Margarita. Her beauty and gace were known throughout the land -- escpecially to Mad Mizer, the Dark Lord of the grim Groken Castle high in the Forbidden Mountains. He had vowed to make the Princess his queen; and so, one terrible day he sent his ghoulish helper to capture her, and she was carried off and imprisoned in one of the hundred miseragble rooms of Groken Castle.

News of the kidnapping spread throughout the kindom, and many courageous young men braved the perils of Groken Castle in an attempt to rescue the Princess -- only to become hopelessly lost in the complicated maze of rooms, ensnares in one of the many treacherous traps, or foiled by Mad Mizer's deadly servants.

Finally the news reached the worthy Prince Rafael, who had long loved the Princess from afar. Raising his sword to the heavens, Prince Rafael swore that nothing would keep him from her side, and set out on his Castlequest. The odds against him seemed hopeless... But legend has it that two magical fairies have been held captive in the Castle for centuries. If the Prince can find and release them to fain their help, he may yet succeed in his quest. And to rescue his fair Princess, he is prepared to face the deadly wrath of the Dark Lord himself!

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User Category Date Title
Isisagate Staff 06/30/2007 Ageless puzzle game

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User Category Gameplay Replay Story Graphics Sound AI Overall
Isisagate Staff 8 8 6.5 6 7 6 8

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